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Montreux Jazz Festival - July 7th 1987

Roomful Of Mirrors
Message Of Love
Time The Avenger
Light Of The Moon
My Baby
My City Was Gone
Hymn To Her
Mystery Achievement
I Go To Sleep
Back On The Chain Gang
Middle Of The Road
Chill Factor
Don't Get Me Wrong
Don't Let Me Down

Chrissie Hynde - Vocals/Guitar
Robbie McIntosh - Guitar
Malcolm Foster - Bass
Blair Cunningham - Drums
Rupert Black - Keyboard

This recording is taken from the bootleg "By The Light
Of The Magical Moon" from the original setlist "Don't
Let Me Down" was song 5 not as on here the last song
also missing is "Precious, Stop Your Sobbing and
Brass In Pocket" but this recording is worth it just for
the blistering guitar work on "Chill Factor".