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Capitol Theatre Port Chester - NY - 3rd May 1980

Flight Of The Valkyries
The Wait
Talk Of The Town
Cuban Slide
Private Life
Space Invader
The Phone Call
Brass In Pocket
I Go To Sleep
Tattooed Love Boys
Up The Neck
Mystery Achievement
Stop Your Sobbing

***Bonus Track***
Private Life #2

The Band
Chrissie Hynde - Vocals/Guitar
Pete Farndon - Bass/Vocals
James Honeyman - Scott - Guitar/Vocals
Martin Chambers - Drums/Vocals
Chris Spedding (on Stop Your Sobbing) Guitar

Taken directly from the vinyl bootleg Cynical Sensation includes
the intro song of Flight Of The Valkyries. It doesn't state on the
vinyl when this was recorded, but Chrissie mentions just before
"Cuban Slide"  that it is James Brown's 52nd Birthday which would
make it May 3rd 1985 which it can't be as the album was released
in 1980 and it has Jimmy and Pete on, so I'm thinking she just got
his age wrong. Tattooed Love Boys is a treat to listen to as
Chrissie says "Well, we fucked that one up a treat..."
#2 Also includes a bonus track of "Private Life" the album states
(previously unreleased anywhere else ever)