On the video pages I hope to bring Pretenders "live" and TV performances plus hard to find video.
Some of these video's are available on DVD please
click here where you will find them listed with
other Pretenders merchandise.
Glam Metal Detectives -Chrissie Cameo Role - 23rd March 1995
Music Box - Private Eyes - Interview with Sunie Fletcher - Oct 1986
The Young Persons Guide To Becoming a Rock Star - Chrissie Cameo Role - 1st Dec 1998
Never Mind The Buzzcocks (Chrissie) - Music Quiz - 9th April 1999
The video's that appear on this page will be interviews, cameos or
just those clips that don't really involve singing some you may want
to watch again some you may not.
Never Mind The Buzzcocks (Martin) - Music Quiz - 26th Nov 1996
Martin & Pete - MTV Interview - Oct 1981
Chrissie & Martin - MTV Interview - Jan 1984
Inky Fingers - Chrissie on the NME - 4th July 2005
Tiswas - Pete, Martin & Chrissie - 16th Feb 1980
Richard & Judy - A Strange Fruit - Chrissie - 8th May 2003
Pretenders - Sounds Interview, Australia - 12th March 1982
Chrissie Interview - London By NIght - Nov 2001
Breakfast With The Arts - 27th Feb 2003 (see also Video Page 2 for tracks )
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