US Festival May 30th '83

My City Was Gone
Message Of Love
The Adultress
Talk Of The Town
Stop Your Sobbing
Private Life
Time The Avenger
Mystery Achievement
The Wait
Middle Of The Road
Up The Neck
Back On The Chain Gang
Brass In Pocket

The Band
Chrissie Hynde - Vocals
Robbie McIntosh - Guitar
Malcolm Foster - Bass Guitar
Martin Chamber - Drums
Chris Thomas - Keyboard

A massive 3 day concert sponsored by
Apple Computers with such bands
playing as Van Halen, David Bowie and
The Clash, it would be Mick Jones last
appearance with the band. Chris
Thomas appears on keyboard,
Chrissie forgets the words to Talk Of
The Town and they finish the set with
Money "dedicated to all the bands who
wouldn't play the US festival because
they weren't getting paid enough" CH
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